Secrets of a Girl

My mom’s gonna be gone for two weeks. Hopefully all will be well

I feel like I can talk to no one about anything

Its scary to think that I was so close to taking my own life. I was too much of a coward to do it myself.

I’m so selfish I can’t even remember other people standing out in the cold for me

am I really okay?

I really hope I’m not giving too much of myself away.

I have this one crush on a boy I may never see again. It saddens my heart to click through pictures of him. :( I think I will always have feelings for him no matter what happens.

I have a boyfriend, but it still doesn’t change the fact about how I feel about this other boy. Is that bad?

Do I love him? Do I love him not…

Okay, this makes me really mad. Every year, my friends go up north and bring a friend with them. One year it was some girl named Hannah and Duke. I guess Duke is a regular now, so they invite a friend every year. One year, I got to go, and then my other friend Amanda went the next. Now she thinks that she gets to go every year and it seems like she invites herself. It makes me so mad! My best friend Kate didn’t even get to go, and Amanda is always so selfish! It makes me so mad how selfish people can be and how stupid people are. Why am I friends with her? Because all my friends are friends with her. I am so ticked right now, it’s not even funny. Amanda is so undependable. I swear to god, how can someone be so inconsiderate of others??